Real Name: John Choo
DOB: 4th April 1983
Profession: Real Estate Agent and YouTube Streamer
Games: Counterstrike Global Offensive, Playerunknown Battlegrounds
and others depending on live stream content
Cyberathlete Professional League 2001 Qualifier (Finalist)
World Cyber Games 2003 (Finalist)
Playerunknown Battlegrounds FPP Solo Season 5 (#9 Asia)
Southeast Asia is known for having an incredible talent pool of gamers and John ‘SiuPakChoi’ Choo is one of those that came from the deep end of that pool. Growing up in the late 90s, John was surrounded by highly competitive gamers in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, leading him to take part in many regional tournaments. 
As the in-game leader of Team nKaa (No Kaki At All), John led his team of unknowns to victory in multiple tournaments, cementing his team’s place in the history books of Malaysia’s competitive gaming scene as one of the legendary ‘Big 4 of Malaysia’ (FMJ, NBTD, PLAM and nKaa). After one last hurrah in WCG 2003, Team nKaa disbanded and John continued to compete under Team NBTD (Nothing Better To Do) before officially retiring from competitive gaming in the mid--2000s. 
These days, if John isn’t doting over his 2 children, you can find him flexing his gaming muscle on his stream alongside his exaggerated Malaysian idiosyncrasies and hilarious multi-lingual commentary. Through the SiuPakChoi brand, he hopes to entertain, inspire and help a new generation of gamers in this new era of mainstream gaming.
He may be named after a vegetable, but he’s no sheep for the slaughter.

Once a gamer, always a gamer.

We are GANK.




Streaming schedule

8.00pm till 12.00pm (Malaysian +8 GMT)

Monday to Friday and special weekends


Stream Languages

Malaysian English (Including Bahasa Malaysia,

Mandarin and Cantonese)