(ɡaŋk; verb, internet/gaming slang)

  • To use underhanded and unsporting means to defeat or kill an opponent. Common methods include ganging-up and attacking a lone unsuspecting player (outnumber) or using vastly superior weaponry on low-level players (overkill).

e.g.; "Our group totally ganked this guy."

GANK is a gaming lifestyle and esports culture brand for the modern gamer without compromise for style, comfort or attitude. We are all about expressing your inner gosu and flaunting your skillful gaming dominance with threads that do the talking while you make more clutch plays. 


Our Story

GANK was founded by 3 Malaysians who came together to combine their seasoned experience and entrepreneurship in multiple industries with their shared passion for Gaming.

Over the last decade, the esports industry has exploded in popularity and mainstream attention, garnering significant corporate attention and investments to bring gaming into the mainstream society. GANK was founded to focus on the real hero of this rise to popularity; The Everyday Gamer; grinding jobs and careers for paychecks by day, slaying beasts and quick-scoping n00bs by night.


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