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RuuKee Gaming is GANK

RuuKee Gaming is GANK

GANK is proud to announce our very first ESports team for Overwatch!

RuuKee Gaming is a gaming group consisting of two teams of whom will wear our custom performance jerseys as they continue their eSports journey!

Fresh out of the ELO-oven in 2017, RuuKee Gaming aims to be a leading gaming community and eSports contender. Having taken part in nearly all Malaysian Overwatch tournaments since their inception, the team is firming up to prepare for majorย leagues like the MSI X SNS GRAND LEAGUE andย OVERWATCH OPEN DIVISION.

GANK and RuuKee are proud to work together as we both enter 2018 collaborating as a community-building group and an eSports entity. After all, its always good to have someone watching your six.

Good GANKing, RuuKee.Origins and RuuKee.NewGen!