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Xyclopz X GANK

Xyclopz X GANK

It is with great honour and pride that we announce Xyclopz X Gank, our collaboration project with the famous SEA caster, Xyclopz!

Treephob “Xyclopz” Tiangtrong
Treephob “Xyclopz” Tiangtrong is THE most prominent E-sports personality in the SEA region.
Starting off casting in his native Thai language, Xyclopz blew up in popularity when he was invited by Sheever to co-cast Team Na’Vi’s first game after their roster change against 3DMAX. Since then, he has produced consistently engaging and entertaining Dota2 match commentary in English. Despite criticism for his Thai accent; his unique, animated personality, and his passion for gaming soon garnered a large loyal following. Shutting out the haters while listening to feedback, Xyclopz kept on working on his brand of DOTA2 commentary. His hard work eventually paid off, landing him sponsorship deals with major gaming and esports brands. With that, Xyclopz began his career as a professional commentator for tournaments and events around the region.

Xyclopz rocking his signature GANK custom jersey

In person, Xyclopz is instantly likeable, friendly and all-round cool party animal. However, to summarize Xyclopz as just another DOTA2 caster would be downright wrong. What makes Xyclopz different than other casters in the region is his passion for eSports and its growth. Leveraging on his popularity and a gaming personality fellow Southeast Asians look up to, he pursued leadership positions in various Thai eSports and gaming organizations that go beyond MOBAs. His insight into the industry globally and locally has a depth many are surprised to discover only through interviews.


Xyclopz casting a PUBG tournament by Malaysian Cyber Games

Xyclopz is a man who wears his passion for gaming proudly on his sleeve and has driven him to tirelessly grow the eSports industry and bring gaming into the mainstream market.
We at GANK believe Xyclopz shares many of our own vision and philosophies. For that, GANK is proud to collaborate with Xyclopz and will be launching a signature apparel line that reflects his vision, unique style and spirit.

Watch out for the XyclopzXGank label!


We are GANK.

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