Overwatch League Skins Announced!

Overwatch League is really ramping it up for the following season. Check out the announcement by OWL Commissioner Nate Nanzer:



Did you get all that? Basically, you could soon buy a reskin for your avatar in the colours of the team you support. 

Seoul Dynasty featuring DVA in Seoul Dynasty Jersey

A big favourite is Seoul Dynasty's gold and grey combo.


It may get a little confusing, but the recoloured skins for your avatars are called Jerseys. Exactly like how the polyester piece of clothing the actual human pro esports players wear are called Jerseys. As it turns out, that purposely confusing naming convention was all by design.

Sneaky Blizzard decided to call them both jerseys because unlike Football or other sports, E-sports gives us fans the unique chance to get BOTH kinds of jerseys in our favourite team colours! So you could be rocking a Gold Competitive round with a DVA in Grey/Gold while also wearing the Seoul Dynasty team sublimated jersey! Talk about fanservice!
Seoul Dynasty Team Jersey

London Spitfire Team Jersey

 The physical jerseys are now on the Blizzard Merchandise Store.

As for those reskins, we all have to wait for a new Overwatch patch to introduce something called "League Tokens". We can look forward to receiving enough tokens for one FREE league skin when that patch comes in. The Overwatch team said the decision was made so that the profits from purchases can be properly split between the developer and each of the league’s teams. 

Meanwhile, over at GANK; we'll be developing our own set of sublimated jerseys for games like Overwatch and PUBG for more recreational or competitive wear. Watch this space for more news about that coming in 2018!

Do you wish your own team had its own in-game skins? What colours would be cool reskins?

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